baby1Thalassaemia once termed as a dreaded illness, has succeeded in removing the stigma from its name, as this is now considered more as a chronic illness.

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A blood donation camp will be held on 8th of May at our premises. We humbly and earnestly appeal all of you to come forward. Your donation will make real big difference.
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IMG_0007Even if they are born with the illness of Thalassaemia, nothing can stop them from enjoying every moment of life. Life is a gift, and love is its substance. These children have remained undaunted in their struggle of life.

Thalassaemia is now a part of their life, but not the whole of it.

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The term thalassaemia was derived from the Greek word "thalassa" meaning the ocean as the patients were initially identified along the coast of Mediterranean Sea by leading scientists Lee & Cooley in 1925. Thalassaemia is an inherited genetic blood disorder where the patients cannot produce adequate healthy haemoglobin resulting in a need for continual blood transfusion.
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Leading the Fight Towards Awareness and Prevention

Prevention is better than cure- is the saying we all are aware of. However this saying is even truer for an illness like Thalassaemia, which is incurable. Due to lack of awareness the concept of Thalassaemia is most oblivious to most of the population.

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IMG_0260Identified first in 1925 along the Mediterranean coast, thalassaemia has been traced through Middle East to Indian subcontinent. Today the prevalence of thalassaemia carriers in India is a ranges between 5 to 10%. This means that one out of every ten person in India victim of thalassaemia. If the situation is not reversed in near future, thalassaemia is surely going to be an epidemic. Thus thalassaemia becomes a social concern.

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